This is a sample of our constantly rotating offering

Keg Beer

Bernard Lager
Veltins Pilsner
Beer Cat – Flor d’Oral
Primator – English Pale Ale
Beavertown – Neck Oil Session IPA
Gypsy Inc – Gyp Wit
Kirkstall – Framboise
Thornbridge – Jaipur
Primator – Weizenbier Czech Wheat Beer

Cask Beer

Timothy Taylors – Landlord
Magic Rock Brewing – Ringmaster
Magic Rock Brewing – Rapture
Gun Brewery – Zamzama IPA
The Five Points Brewing Company – Five Points Pale
Bad Company – Communication Meltdown
Dark Star Brewing Company – Espresso

Keg Cider

Aspall – Suffolk Cyder

Cask Cider

Ampleforth Abbey Cider


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